Reflection(- fruit machine p

by A KIM



10 september

Describe the research process its importance for generating original ideas.
When I design something , I could  have broader idea based on research,  with researching follow a linked link, i can get something different, and it seems to deepen and broaden my thinking about works.
How could your reflection feedback into and strengthen your research process?
Every time I do reflection, I sometimes have time to go back to the day like a daily diary,
That's why I can always check on my work, as I am preoccupied and thinking that helps me to check if there are missing ideas or to prevent not to going wrong.
How could working in a team enable the generation of original concept ?
Understanding Concessions and Discussions

12 september


At first, our team got the theme of neoprene, polytheism, layer and made mind map of each feature.

  • I have found that the keywords that the layer has are the accumulation of space, the scale, the gap between them, the limited, the contradictions, and the many points that make up them come together to become one side and to form the space.
  • Neoprene is a popular material for wetsuits, and because my grandmother is a HAE-NYEO which is Korean women fisher ,so  I was familiar with the material. It keeps the temperature from cold water, protects somebody from scratches, made of rubber, also hard to make sharp or straight shape with the material, so I caught the keyword that Neoprene has a nearly rounded silhouette. 
  • The last topic is POLYTHEISM.It was the first time to hear that words. The keyword was diversity, acknowledgment of difference, coexistence, and it was common in shinto ,Ancient Egyptian religion and ancient Rome.I am not familiar with this word ,so I decided to have more research.

The common image was protection.

So I researched POLYTHEISM, there are different kinds of religions in Shinto, ancient Egypt, and hinduism,

 eventually  praying to the gods to protect themselves from them is marginal phenomenon, to comfort the dead gods and to live with them Coexistence, and then Ancient Egypt, even though the gods were divided into major and minor gods, did not discriminate between them, and they all co-existed together. These results gave me a deep impression. It is also a society, and it has been understood that strong and weak are compatible with each other in order to maintain it, so that they understand and respect the differences and continue the Union.

This also shows that a lot of different points are gathered in the layering, and that they are gathered to make space and layered, and that neoprene is also different in the chemical properties of the different elements, but they are gathered together to make a unique material, In each case, one element that has different properties is gathered and stacked so that it becomes something new.

The keywords were coexistence, protection, understanding, and I was researching a little more about gods, and the Indian god of kama brought me the word love.

When you understand, coexist, and protect, you need love. It was a condom to imply all that. When I have sex, my opponent uses a tool called condom because he want to protect and understand  if they love me.


13 september


Today I did a research on the material Neoprene, and found it interesting that it was

chemically interesting that it could be more sensitive and tearable as pressure went up,

which I likened to a society I searched for yesterday, It was also  protecting and coexisting  with other elements of chemical substances gathering together to become a new one and maintaining the own conditions.

And condoms were similar in their properties when pressure was applied.

i tried various experiments conducted with condom today.


14 september

Reflect on your presentation what would you change? (what in your opinion,makes a successful presentation of ideas?)

I though we should research about condom but my group told me other good ideas related to coexistence but I understand it sucessfulI thought too much about our project too straightforward, but the other people  were approaching it more,So I tried to imagine it rather than my deep thought.My group offered good ideas related to coexistence during the discussion session but my idea based on condom was chosen at the end. Although the ideas shared during group conversations were valuable the approaches that they were taking were slightly basic for my taste. but my English skill was too bad and I missed my ideas well and I need to increase my English ability.

Reflection on the process : what are the pros &cons of working as part of a team?

The disadvantage is that listening to various ideas and disadvantages could not directly express my opinion.



What new techniques, processes or ways of thinking , Did you encounter this week.?
Because of this project , i learnt which is not necessary to use similar forms or externally similar things when expressing material.the material given to us in this project is using paper the fact that it is bent to the inner nature of neoprin.
How do you plan to use these to inform future work?

Love coexistence is my keyword,

and as a result, the core of this project has become a condom, and I want to express something that expresses the depth of love and a wide sense of embracing.

What were the benefits of the structure of this week (3 projects day)
I could hear more opinions because of the group project, and I realized that there is a variety of thoughts on one subject.
what were the drawbacks?
It seems that the weakness of the group project is that all of my opinions and arguments are expressed and not realized.



18 september(YOUR SURROUNDING)

Today is my first personal project day. We went to the kingscross campus and drawing some structure inside and outside the school with various materials . I drew  the outline of a building or structure except people and just express  the feeling as it is for me . I used ink and spoid  for the first time, and I pleasant  that I came across a picture full of personality.
The drawings were gathered for two hours,  the shapes were repeated  extended again in the drawing, and new geometric and abstract shapes came out in various ways.
These outlines were connected to each other to form a single 3d, followed by a geometric shape of a size that could be put on a person. In fact, this was the first drape on the body, and it was a little hard, and I made it too hard to get it, but later I made it and the result was satisfactory.

Draping and setting up the models, we added a variety of drawings, and it was really amusing and i was  happy to hear the compliments about my drawing skills and draping from tutor.


19 september(YOUR DATA)

Today, we brought five precious things for us, and I bought "a necklace from Harajuku, a vintage case for condoms, a coin purse from my sister, an unidentifiable glasses bartered at a vintage shop, a Korean ring from my English teacher"  .
We made a group of four people, shared stories of their own, linked to the story, freely arranged and drawn of our stuff.  Based on that drawing, I pulled it out of various textiles, and then I collapsed the textiles on the projector and created a feeling of fashion print

, and I thought  that I should  to add color to the next one.



We were asked to dress unusually on the day before. As we all know, today we have coordinated our clothes and then made some of extraordinary figure to drawing a variety of  pose , we have  a variety of  accessories and a unique and individualized model.

And I learned an interesting drawing, a "negative drawing". I draw only the rest of the objects except  I wanted to draw. I didn't  recognize how to do it at first. it was very difficult to draw  but it seemed to be interesting to me 






22 september

I brought a tailored jacket with a solid black pattern in a vintage shop, and we made a fine look at drawing the whole jacket. and also explained the terminology of jackets, tearing the lining and drawing various textiles in the jacket.  i learned today new technology of drawing   to collect a variety of color and textile samples in it and collage them into a new jacket, which looked different in color. 
we draped on each other with  jackets in pairs, and then made a new arrangement and drawing. I tried to dissect the jacket today, but I wondered it was the first time I had torn my clothes to the inside. also we had time to talk about fashion - related terms in class, but I didn't  know everything. I know only a few words in Korean, but now, in order to enter the path of fashion professionally in the future, I will also have to study the terms in English.

23 september( construction terminology of JACKET)


welt pockets-welt pocket.png

These pockets often have reinforced piping along the slit of the pocket, appearing perhaps as an extra piece of fabric or stitching. Besom pockets are found on a tuxedo jacket or trousers and may be accented with a flap or button closure.


Lapels are the folded flaps of cloth on the front of a jacket or coat, and are most commonly found on formal clothing and suit jackets. Usually they are formed by folding over the front edges of the jacket or coat and sewing them to the collar, an extra piece of fabric around the back of the neck.

There are three basic forms of lapels: notched, peaked and shawl. Notched lapels, the most common, are usually seen on business suits. Peaked lapels are more formal, and nearly always used on double breasted jackets, but it also frequently appears on single breasted ones . Shawl lapels are usually carried by dinner jackets, mess jackets and tuxedos


collar stand-

In clothing, a collar is the part of a shirt, dress, coat or blouse that fastens around or frames the neck. Among clothing construction professionals, a collar is differentiated from other necklines such as revers and lapels, by being made from a separate piece of fabric, rather than a folded or cut part of the same piece of fabric used for the main body of the garment.

front panel -

facing-In sewing and tailoring, facing is a small piece of fabric, separate or a part of the fabric itself, used to finish the fabric edges. Facing makes a garment look professionally finished with the seams well hidden inside the folds of the facing. Facing is mostly used to finish the edges in necklines, armholes, hems and openings. They are also used widely in all other sewing like quilts and home decor items like curtain hems.



sewing and tailoring, a lining is an inner layer of fabric, fur, or other material inserted into clothing, hats, luggage, curtains, handbags and similar items.

Linings provide a neat inside finish and conceal interfacing, padding, the raw edges of seams, and other construction details. A lining reduces the wearing strain on clothing, extending the useful life of the lined garment. A smooth lining allows a coat or jacket to slip on over other clothing easily, and linings add warmth to cold-weather wear.


binding-In sewing, binding is used as both a noun and a verb to refer to finishing a seam or hem of a garment, usually by rolling or pressing then stitching on an edging or trimback


sleeves-  A sleeve  is the part of a garment that covers the arm, or through which the arm passes or slips. The pattern of the sleeve is one of the characteristics of fashion in dress, varying in every country and period. Various survivals of the early forms of sleeve are still found in the different types of academic or other robes.cuff-


vent-a slit up the back of a jacket or coat


25 september

Today, I reconstruct the jacket, do an observation drawing and found that there were many components to make a jacket, and I also draping jackets on the body today, but the jacket was made of thick cloth and

it was hard to plug the pin. I need to practice and learn from these basic skills.


27 september



When combining   materials/process , what did you consider?


When I reconstruct the jacket and relocated it, I tried to find something more interesting.

Not only i  tried to use a cloth that gave a different feeling to the tailoring jacket, but also it was the most focused on the structure.

did your observational drawing influence your jacket reconstruction?

In order to do the drawing, I looked at the details of the jacket and found the points of the jacket which passed unconsciously.

What did you learn from the exhibition presentation +your peers

I knew that I needed to consider not only my work but also the surrounding environment when I gave the presentation. What I remember is to display works by putting up works in the exhibition. It seems that such a small part leaves a strong impression on people

Who influenced your design direction within your research?

christian dior


29 september

work shop

I went to school because it was a 3D induction , and at first I learned how to make a polyster, how to use it, how to clean it, and then I learned how to use iron and wood handling machines. Among them, the most interesting thing about me is the polyster
With these technologies,

I thought that I should use various things instead of being limited to the fabric.KakaoTalk_Photo_2017-10-16-16-45-58.jpeg 


30 september

The idea of ​​finishing the jacket project: When I look at the jacket, I think about the shape of gourments or rather the overall color and weight of the design has

come out with something feminine rather than the textures of the clothes,  I always have a design thatemphasizes the waist.

I will study and draw deeply the pelvic hips in the body and waist of a person in order to make clothes with more expertise here in the future.

Practitioner Project - Chopova Lowena


1 oct

This time, the students who came from csm MA showed their research and the results of solving it. in this project we had to choose something traditional or era and do research on it and go to school, and I usually do research on the "roaring 20s" of the 1920s, which I am most interested in. In fact, i liked the style that they worn at that time the most, but as i researching more and more i found that, there was a deeper meaning. Before that they were feminine with corsets, women were prohibited from drinking and smoking. But after World War I, women's thoughts are going to die and I want to express what I want to do and they want to eat, so they take off their corsets and turn into a kind of flapper look.

I went deeper into researching where their pressure was corset, the war that hurts shock and mind, and where their rebellion came from459px-Padiographie_du_corset_cambr%C3%A9_devant_%28dos%29.jpg.1


2 oct


we made drawings and collages in various ways during class, and then we made 3D objects by putting textile elements as a result. And we took a picture that well-metched the work of each of them. For me, the legs are a soft but something rough object, so I mix and match colors and textures, and experimented a lot I was praised for drawing and stereoscopic images, and

I was so nervous about taking more pictures, but it was a bit disappointing because I thought

it would be better to put in a 3D textual aspect as well.


3 oct( National portrait gallery)

Today I went to national portrait gallery cause I heard that my favorite modern fine artist, tracy emin's portrait are on display.. I was really thrilled to see her work actually in front of me. She is YBA (YOUNG BRITISH ARTIST) and she was able to express her life clearly in a straightforward way expressing herself in various media such as installation, painting, photography, act, video, and text. By the way when I entered the museum for the first time, there were many statues and portraits of ears of different ages, and there were so many portraits of portraits of contemporary artists. I  think this is reason the most pros to live in here .  I have seen their hearts of works, portraits, and drawing lines in different ages.

5 oct

One of object's brought own textiles, or externally its design side and atmosphere into one, finally we were displaying the textiles. I did not get to school yesterday cause I was algesic so I could not make 15 color samples. today I just made the final pieces of textiles three. I watched the people' textiles and got inspired how to use various materials. What I felt today is that I should never miss school even if I hurt my school.

6 oct

I took the legs of the flapper who existed in the roaring 20s  as the main object last time, and I continued to make various textile drawings based on the flapper leg and took the pictures.
It was the task of making  four different colours of textures, and today tutor  let us  to make five different textiles each in red, yellow and blue in the colors . I was a bit confused because I did not know what to do at first. Im not the person who have a confidence to be honest with the textile,
It's  true that the result is good once it is over. In fact, I hate yellow, but the result of yellow was the most satisfactory. I am embarrassed to learn this, but I think that every time I study in textile classes,

I see how people use materials and how to use them. There are a lot of materials in the world, a texture that can not be seen, but it is important that how to use it is the most important thing.


What's The Point? Project


7 oct

From today, 4 people will be in a group, each one will  draw one of their favorite projects and make one film with 10 images. We decided to use the Internet as the theme of the concept of the linking each other. I will study a little more film and

,express the flapper's laughing and dancing photographs with holes of cigarettes, increasingly emphasizing their empty minds and saying that nothing

.I will finally make a gourment With their duality one will express heavy and pressure of smething and one will show a light .

8 oct

People who have been mentally deprived since the war To overcome emptiness and depression they wanted a brilliant, material, rapid change, Young people enjoyed jazz party every day. At that time, women were not bound by custom Pursue freedom through trendy attire and actions with a short bob cut hair that stands for independence To decorate short hair He wears a colorful hair band and a hat.
In such a brilliant life, they were hurt by the impact of the war.
 it looks like they have no worries and no thought, but is it their timid rebellion? I have become interested in these reversed backgrounds, and while they are tying themselves on the both of  the gloom and the socially hurt,

they are impressive as they pursue the freedom to untie them


9 oct

I have thought about their freedom, their wounds,  social pressures, and what do I need  to solve their contrasting minds? to be.
In order to do that, I went to the library to do research with the theme of tie-untie and then went to see the installation art exhibited at Tate Modern.

I went mainly because I always  inspired by fine arts,  and finally i  saw  a work with untied hair in a tangled hair. Is it freedom to return from a jacket to a thread-pile .The corset they wore before the war unraveled it and flapper look came out, I also saw it in the book named "roaring 20s look book with corset" in csm library which means a kind of rebellion and freedom.

So I guess I will also have to choose one of the many abstract words and images called untie to make more illustrations and develop them.

10 oct

today i have to make sure that finish my work and fill a2 sheet until 3 pm . so i was get research by the flapper and I learned a little more about them. I wanted to express the appearance of getting out of the pressure they were under by removing the corset, so I studied through various illustrations. And when I was participate in a group critic,

thay said i have to put more write in my sketchbook so that people could get to know a little more about my work

, and that the colors and work methods I used were good. I think I need to do some sort of sketchbook weekend.

11 oct

We decided to create a video for each group, but we based on the theme of "connectivity" as the Internet and decided to make each video for one minute and connect it. So I made a one minute video,

but the length of the video was shorter than I thought, so I had to express my direction strongly in one minute.

I have exhibited in Korea in the past, that  I've  solved it with the theme of city as a video. So I was a bit more confident in video editing and I used Mac Movie, which was quite easy for me.

What I felt today is that I will have to learn not only fashion related techniques, but also editing programming, illustrations and so on.


12 oct

Today was the day of the presentation, and we gathered each film together and put together with the rainbow tv effect. And I put the image of clicking on our video by recording it in the computer, it was praised in that part,

but the sound was hardly heard because we did not test it before we announced it. I felt sorry for our hard work, but I thought I would be prepared for everything in the future.




Victoria and albert museum
In fact, balenciaga went to see the exhibition, and there was a fashion based on London as well as the old 1800s ,1920s and there are several designer who have been working on these days. I also had a firm taste here, which is the emphasis on the waistline. the most impressive thing was the severe shapes in the shoulder line.(oversized,curvy) It is good to have a pattern, I am inspired by the curvature that stands out the femininity and the modest way to go with it. I did not realize that Valencia was the basis of every haute couture, and my favorite designers were almost influenced by him. I learned about the flat pattern in the past, so i know it is never simple and easy, but he made a new pattern and made a new type of clothes. The thing that impressed me the most was the cape and the skirt, It is trying.
Maybe the charm of Valencia is clear.

Balenciaga was born in 1895 in the Basque region of northern Spain. It is now a century since he founded his fashion house in San Sebastian, and 80 years since his move to Paris. Rather than a full retrospective, Shaping Fashion focuses on the designer’s last decades, a period during which he knocked out an astonishing series of innovations: the sack-dress, trapeze-hemmed babydoll frocks, a one-seam coat, a tie-on skirt that could be worn as a cape, long puffball evening dresses that billowed like clouds. We tend to read fashion as an endless series of repetitions, references and rehashes – Balenciaga’s output in the Fifties and Sixties was a rare instance of a designer creating something completely new, and then doing it all over again the next season.

Not only are the garments in the exhibition sitting still and looking pretty on mannequins, but they are brought to life, displayed on rotating stands and displayed alongside videos and fascinating x-rays images.i was impressed with the x-ray images .

The x-ray images were created with artist Nick Veasey, intended to show the multi-layered structural designs of Balenciaga’s garments. Beneath the clothes’ surfaces, dress weights and boning in the dress bodices can be seen to carefully manipulate the way that the garments surround the body in ingenious, almost gravity-defying shapes.



15 oct

Today, I have supplemented my sketchbook. My sketchbook has almost  rough drawing, so I will have to use sophisticated drawing techniques from now on. I make more efforts to express the mood of my work. We see that ideas are becoming more and more dynamic rather than longevity every time a page is filled. From now until the end of this week,i will make all the projects we've done so far to the very end of the final.


I did a tutorial with my tutor today and I took all the work I did so far. The professor looked at my workflow and understood well and the flow of my thoughts seemed well. In the research section, however, I asked the school library to write a detailed source not from the csm library, but to finish the school and write down the reflection of the day. I told him to write more colors in sketchbooks, to draw free lines, to have strength and personality, but to use a lot of colors other than red. And i have to

try lots of draping to the mannequin are what I need to go for womenswear.

I will look for colours that is uncommon , and now I'm going to start making clothes.


Love - WHat's the point develop


17 oct


I started a project on love. What was the result of the condom I talked about last time? I started to research about the prejudice of love and started research. At first I looked back at my memories, but love made me feel various emotions. It is at the age of seven that I started to feel that emotion the first time.

7- I wanted to see him, and I felt strange feelings that I could not speak to him.

10- I want to have it, to harass it,  to draw my attention from him

13 - I felt a crushing emotion, I was ashamed and a heartache. I took all the trouble in my mind and enjoyed my sorrow.
14 I want to conceal what we are unrequited.
15 - Embarrassed
16 I tried to hide my feeling, I did not accept the fact that I liked him
17, 18, 19 - I want him, want to see, Iwant to hold his hands, I want to be next to him for the rest of my life, the moment when I wanted to give all of myself for him
20- i wanted to be memorized by someone, want to wait, my heart is torn or deep in sorrow
21 - Nostalgic, I deny my feeling because I do not want to get hurt from people, so I only accept his heart, selfish my self, I hide myself all myself


18 oct( tate modern)


we don't have  any class in  school for a week after the tutorial, so I went to" tate modern" today. In fact, there are many exhibitions in London, but I especially like the art pieces here. ,I watched an unusual work of a writer during the exhibition. In one room, a British white man and a Congo man fell in love and recorded all the process from the wedding to the honeymoon, as photographs and videos.

When I look at the artist's works, I thought  that love isn't  only unhappy, So I fall into more be deep in thought , what is love?,


19 oct

Until I was 16, I had a pure, beautiful and cute love. Sometimes adults tell them not to call these feelings love. "It's just a joke between the kids. It's not real love. "But I did not understand the people who said these words.
When I was sixteen, I was so absent from love. I loved someone so much but I could not hide their big emotions, but I was hurt because the results were not good, and then I realized that love always made in both directions.
I felt a sense of security from 17 to19 and that was the greatest emotion for me. It seems to expressed all the feelings in the world .
I was separated from my boyfriend who was 20 years old and I was afraid of the world,

I do not believe in love because I hated to get hurt
I was afraid to like someone who was 21 years old.


20 oct


love- heartache , trust, forever, betrayal,sex, temperature,memory,suffering,addiction,affection





Today, I had time to draw various buildings, sculptures and exhibitions for the public art project next week.

22 oct

Issey miyake embodies the past, present and future through his work combining the heritage of Japan with new technology while challenging the function and aesthetics of fashion in the center of haute couture.
His garments gave the body vitality, pursuing the spirit of nature and freedom using the space between the body and clothing according to the spirit of kimono.
His creed of 'making things' is the key to expressing the natural work style of him . So I read Issey miyake 's book of making things. There are many simple and complex clothes. The reason is that he has a philosophy of making clothes with almost one square cloth, and he called artist by many fashion designers and artists . The reason is that his clothes are energetic, and he is inspired by sculpture, dance, drama, and the view of the human body.

I also had a lot of inspiration for the sense of structure of his clothes before the start of the project and now I need to pay more attention to the field of architecture and sculpture.



23 oct(public art project)

Today was the first day after tutorial day And  I went to look around the school and draw somewhere which is interesting during the first project since the group project and then to make 3d after taking the formative elements. I came up with the morphology elements of these drawings, layered in various ways, and made an abstract shape that is repeated by maximizing. It draws out three different 2d's and attaches outline of them, and a new form came  out. As tutor says, designers such as Yamamoto and Commdes  Garson used this method mainly. In fact, I made a very unique shape, cause it can be helpful to created a more realistic 3D .. I made it a little bit wrong to size it a little bit, but after this time

I should make big size medium size and small size . I am becoming  more interested in paper patterns today, so I need to look into research, and I do not want to be drained when I do draping, so in order to be neat, I will have to rip the masking tape in advance.


24 oct

How has working in paper on the body helped inform your design idea?

at first i just following what tutor said and developing my drawing which is based in exhibition.(prime research )

after that , imake abstract shapes (patterns) and increase the size

A new geometric shape came out of the outline.The good thing about draping on paper is that it can be easily peeled off with a masking tape, making it easier to make the angle and make the pattern much better than other fabrics.So, it seems to me that  was very helpful process when I was designing a more accurate form than just imagining it in my head.

What do you understand by the design development process and how might this manifest itself in future projects?

in order to develop a design, it is first necessary to overlap with abstract shapes, to collage, to maximize, to look for new shapes and shapes, and to find suitable shapes. I always think that when I design, I just draw and make what I want to do, but there are limitations. It is like a new way to make a specific clothes from an abstract shape, which is a way to help me.


25 oct

I saw the work that was on display at Tate Modern, and I was struck by the word layered. So I started to develop layering more and more I did not know how to make it. We started research at the school library because the time we were given was only two days so it was more efficient and I had to show that I understood the folding and structure of these clothes. I started with a lot of designers, I was inspired by Issay Miyake. The work was exhibited in 1998 under the theme of "making things". There, I tried to make a sculpture  who was exaggerated and protruding from the bodies of men. If I use the iron I learned from school 3d induction, I think it will be easier to catch something more,

so I should start to go to school tomorrow. I want to express the phenomenon that the body of a person is pressed into a square frame and the layering of flesh is maximized, so

I will use stockings of skin tone fabrics.


26 oct

Today I went to school for 3D INDUCTION for the first time. In fact, I always wanted to make clothes that I thought would be a sculpture rather than a commercial one. Although tomorrow is the presentation day, I tried to make it one by one even though it was a little late, and asked me to set the size because I showed and explained the illustrations, forms and structural drawings that I made.
I do not know anything and I just measure the size with a tape measure, but it is bigger than I thought, so I cut it down again, cut the bars one by one and press the ends with the hammer. I made one box-frame, and then 

I tried to express one's chest and shoulders and the part of the waist that I always emphasize.

But I think it would be more interesting to express it with a little rounding, so I decided to make it, and when I think of the works that were inspired by Tate Modern, not only the straight lines are layered, but the rounded ones are also left in various forms. did. It took a long time because it was difficult and elaborate to make something with iron than I thought. So I made a frame today, and I will go to school tomorrow and work more.



07 nov

I watched a white show, and a lot of students designed various garments in one color.
The first thing that impressed me was the design that like Rick Owens  hanging from two people. All of the garments  quality was also good, and it seemed to be a good opportunity. I would like to participate in the white show next year.

27 oct

I did not go to school today because I was sick. So I started to put it roughly in place with the bends that were bent at home and fixed it as stockings.

The stockings were more elastic than i thought,

and they did not tear well, so they went into the stockings despite the harsh edges. I tried to do this on a frame-by-frame basis, but I left it at school, fixed it as a stocking, and draped it from a distance. I need to research more closely about human body. From where to the spine, how far apart from the chest and collarbone.  I chose the material as a stocking, it looked really good, and now that I have the basic framework,

I need to connect the three-dimensional lines to make space.


28 oct

I put a square frame that I made last time on a frame made of round. Then I came closer to a more stereoscopic structure, but this week I was public,

so I focused on the work I saw at Tate Modern, looking at the shape from something and making it into an abstract shape,

then finding a new shape through repetition, Since I designed new clothes through illustrations, the clothes I wanted to make a little more began to be seen specifically, and the core of such clothes was structure. So I put this frame on it and started sticking it with the skin tone fabric, so the color of the stockings and cloth are accustomed with each other, Now I will make more round shapes, put stockings on them and then make some more geometric clothes. It was so fun to do it right on the mannequin, not just to drape it directly on the person. Satisfactory result seems to come.

29 oct

I put on the fabric and started making clothes. I did not have a sewing machine and I did it with glue gun, but since I bought fabric thin, I thought it was going to be melted down. I tried the test beforehand and it was better than I expected. I started to make cloths. But the square frame was so big that the relatively curvy frames looked small. So I went to the Archway again and made a lot of round frames and put them on my stockings. Actually I started with a circle but I put my stockings on it and it was even better when I became elliptical.

What I feel today is that when I make clothes, I try to do a little more experiments and worries than to make the final illustration the same, so I try to find better directions there.

It's the first time I've ever made a jacket project, but it seems to me that it's a satisfying result. But now I have to touch the back side, but the front side is gorgeous, so I am troubled how to handle the back side. So I have to take a picture and draw a lot of designs on it.

Tactile project


30 oct


Today I went to the Barbican center. I thought we were going to see the inside of this day, and the tutor told us to observe and draw tiles, buildings, layouts and spaces outside the barbican.

I am usually looking for rounding and avantgarde rather than structural clothes, but I was curious as to how structured clothes came out,

so this project was interesting to me. I went out to draw the buildings around Barbican, the arrangement of various windows, and the unusual structures. This is a lake in the back, and it seemed to be made by combining several geometric shapes. The color was modern as a whole, but I felt red, so I used orange, yellow, and pink red to draw mainly with four colors. Since I was a textile project, I painted using various drawings I had learned before, and after that I did a 3d collage between groups.We made a three-dimensional object using masking tape with a net-like feel on the glazed glass wall, then went to the Archway Campus and underwent development, interpretation, and variation using elements in our drawn drawings. Using a single color and then repeating that element morphologically, structurally (folding, tearing, slicing, weaving .... ect), creating a repetition and finally creating six textile samples inspired by one piece above . In fact, if I look at something, there's a shape, not a textile or its surface.

It was interesting  to make a new textile with form and structure.


31 oct



Today I made six different directions from three textile developments made at home by the school. I started making inspiration from different colors, repetitions and shapes, and I painted an orange film and kept on top of it to maximize the stereoscopic effect of the shadows of a few buildings
It was mixed with the rugged surface of the oil pastel and various red colors, and then the papers were connected. In the repeated surface, the round space in front of the lake was impressive, and it was repeatedly painted with acrylic in a round bottle. The common side was emphasized by color, after that  tutor told us to select five representative shapes here and express it in three dimensions after doing the assignment. So in time, express it as a flat stitch, create a three-dimensional sculpture, make a long connection again in 3d, make a long repeating something, then make a space by making a collage drew a picture. An interesting look came out, and it was amazing.

We went to the barbican center in the same way and did pictures and develops, but I felt diversity again when I saw this different outcome.


1 nov



Today was the last day of textiles, and yesterday's assignment was to make 10 different textiles finals using only 3 colors, and I got a 1: 1 advice today, saying, "Why is the amount of drawing small in the sketchbook,

"And then I made the final pieces using black or red, which is the most commonly used index, and suddenly I wrote orange, but I added more red or black because my tutor did not like it. I realized that the ratio of color and color was high in textile,

and when I observed the buildings, I continued to develop the protruding side edge, and the result came out, and the process was fine. Today I will fill up my sketch book, and soon I will modify the project sketch book for part1 assessment day, and I will make it for the weekend with a little more variety of materials, Finally we went back to the barbican center and asked to take pictures of our textiles, buildings and space.

2 nov

Today I decide to develop about textile which I did yesterday. So I looked at the photos  of the buildings and structures and thought about unusual materials. The buildings are straight, round -regular, and such things are repeated one by one. It was easier to access a bit looking at pulling such detailed elements. problem with my textile is that i always using  the same materials and it is meant to be bruised. So i had  to researching   the textile  artists , and using  color for some materials they are, what kind of impression they have . 

therefore i should learn more about textile that give to us some various impression with different and extraordinary materials. 




3 nov

In the project "what's the point," we grouped the footage as a result. There I am deeply concerned about the love and the betrayal of a flapper in the previous week, the love that I associate with my "condom" from a group project in the first project, and the stereotype that someone instilled in me I went in. So before that, from my childhood to the present, I have summarized the thoughts, and various words came out, purity, fear, fear, disappointment, emptiness, stability and so forth. Love is a relative and personal feeling rather , so I think it is the most hard to understand in some way.  I started to organize my thoughts while doing sketchbooks. This project seems to require more primary research than secondary research, and I have to think about the double aspect of love a little more.

Of course, the image of love I have now is negative. Because now I am tired of it.


4 nov

When I was researching about love, there were various kinds of love, once basic and most natural of my parents' love, narcissism, etc. But when I think of love, I thought of a male woman, so I went to the library and read books all day The most memorable book is "nothing but the girl". In fact, this book is about the lesbian love method, and it is because there are many more deep and affectionate photographs. So I took all the pictures, printed them, and listed them.

They were passionate in front of love, their bodies were intertwined, and they were just like a puzzle.

Something that expresses the passion and warmth of each other in the body and expresses the breath and all the vigorous love together, the space is very visible, So the three keywords are body temperature transfer, connection, and puzzle.

Our hearts start out in white paper, but the more we love, the more stained with different colors. I hate this, I want to go back to pure white paper that was not tied to me again, and wasn't tied to the pain of parting.


5 nov

I finished the final of the last public art project today. It didn't  take a long time to make it, but if i misplaced a little or put on less, it seemed that your clothes would look horrible.
I continued to do draping with a saddle pin, taking pictures and drawing pictures on a mannequin. I felt better because  final piece came out better than I thought, but it was a little heavy because the clothes were made with iron as a basic frame. I tried to get rid of the sleeves part but at the end  I made it last  and it seemed to be better . I tried on clothes and the length was reasonable and I guess it came out exactly as I thought. Rather than sticking to the love project

, I'll draw an illustration that will go deeper into the flapper and make the final. I have to use a little bit of reversed material and feelings, but it seems like it would make me sick. I think it's a bad thing that if you make it at home alone, the difficult thing is that i fall into my own world and hard to see my results objectively.


6 nov

Today I have illustrated and selected fabrics  for the practitional project," Flaper".. The first thing I thought was to express the depression behind their smiling face, so I wanted to emphasize the contrast of the chromatic material.

So one would have to think of clothes that would represent their robustness with material or leather, such as flapping chiffon and solid armor,

which is more contrary to the idea.

There are abstract silhouettes in my head, and it was hard to conceive them specifically.

So today I have a sketch book and I look back, think about it, and see the reflection that  I wrote about roaring 20s  I studied. So I have made one of the flappers' pureness and youthfulness,

and I am worried about whether or not to add jewelery to the stitch, but I am also thinking about how to make a ruffle. It is still difficult to actually make the structure of clothes in my head.

7 nov

It was too difficult to express both youthfulness and strength.

I wanted to make sure the colors were the opposite, but It was my stereotype of the notion of "opposition", using black fabrics, on one side being youthful and sexy,

on the other, on the other side, protecting their selves  from armor and corsets, i thought that will express the image of protecting from the hurts received from the society.

Originally, they  had seen many deaths and shocks in World War I and expressed their desire to live as women wanted to, and they came to rebellion and sought their own freedom from society, so they  also took off  the corset they wore,and changed  flapper look "in 1920s.

So one side is tightly tightened like an armor, and the corset .

On the other side, the strings are loosened and freely expressed.

So from the right to the left, I want to express the inner and outer sides of the patterns with the feeling of getting freed  and getting naked.

I originally tried to use a white chiffon fabric and it was so hard to match each other, The materials  and the colors were different, so they didn't  fit well and they looked out of style
.though I tried various things with different texture of fabrics ,it would be better to use only one colour to express different feeling and mood.

8 nov

I supposed to express one side of my garment like armor and corset, and on the other side, the clothes disassembled to feel freed and strangled to symbolize the freedom of the flapper.
So I figured out more of the clothes put off and many patterns of garments are  returning to the original fabric state,
t wo days later I have to take photograph with  the model , but there are some problems  when I shoot a flash and take a picture, the cloth turns into a dark color or faint color of black.therefore i must search for how to show black colored garment well. 
 In this project  the most important keyword  is the"  freedom "consequently i ignore the pattern and sewing , so that the quality of this project is worse than the previous one(public art project)
After the assessment is over, I'll have to touch up this final again, and I'm going to do a project on love. I need more research,  The garment, however, was satisfying in a day's work and expressed their genuine inner seeking freedom from the social pressures of the flapper.

Although they were  hurt, they had regained freedom in their depressed life  with culture, art, luxury, and joy.



9 nov

My projects, starting from stereotypes of love, are based on primary research
, and then I find them three keywords, "Connectivity, Puzzle, and Dye"

When the bodies were connected(like sex or kiss), I got the motif, and after drawing the outline with the paper, I tried drawing with a new method. I cut it like a puzzle in a chunk and connected it, and it looks like a person 's body.

I want to destroy this Contradictory love

Sometimes I have the illusion of glorifying the  love in beautiful memories. But reality is already broken with the lover ,  I deny that reality and hold the line which mean love- memories for me  ,but now i  don't  want to see my own patience that I hold onto it,

so I will cut off the connected lines and retrieve my purity by remove all dyed memories of love . So, at first, it looks like a lump, but  add to that with zippers,  finally i can cut off everything one by one to make clothes that can be removed.


10 nov

 I didn't attach the images for a while because printer wasn't working so far .  therefore I went to the csm library to print it hard and attached the process or final pieces that I had done so far.

 And i saw a paper that i received last tutorial day from tutor and i thought of my drawing need more fine line or detail cause my existing drawings are strong, 

rough, so i have to  arranged the lines of the old sketchbooks, and the charcoal-painted make  a bit darker in the layers. I think last sketchbook's quality is in low   because the first sketch book was almost a one-day project, so it was drawing roughly, so there was no research or liking objects images related to projects. So I put the pictures together and once again recall the flows I 've  been doing. Tomorrow I will fix the garment I made during the jacket project and tear of   the vinyl on the bottom. I'll try to use the yarn for a while,  I found that the finals I made are flat or simple materials, so I try to use the yarn once.

11 nov

The tailored jacket that  I picked was black and the lining was a red organza, The mix of black and red was so strong that the colors blew out. So, I wanted to use warm gray and white yarn,  when i finished and connected it felt a little stuffy, so  I made a hole in my clothes and it became a bit more structured.

When I always make clothes, I only use basic cloths and I don't look for any unusual materials. The reason is that I was ignorant about it, and it seemed like it would ruin something. nevertheless i use yarn , and the result is much better than before.

Tomorrow is assessment one day ago, I have to take pictures of final garments that i made , finish sketchbook, workflow organizing

12 nov

During the week, I worked hard all day long. I am satisfied with the final result, the sketch book, and the daily reflection that I have written ever since the tutorial, but I was disappointed that the photo  quality didn't come out well. However, I will take another shot before the assessment is over, and i thought that  never to postpone today's work to tomorrow.



culture swap


16 NOV


I went to the Textile Pathway, and from the assessment, she said to me I need  to be inspired by a variety of fields, although my idea development process was too short to conclusion .

In fact, when I did research that  tendency to dig into the areas which  I liked and interested in, and now I have to try to fix them.

And today is the first day, after randomly choosing a partner and an area in London, I will bring my own nationality and personality to the place as a cultural swap. So we took the train to Peckham on the archway for an hour or so away,

which was more impressive than the idea of ​​African culture, passionate red, and many grocery stores.

Since it is not like London, I spent four hours with my partner there, so I was interested in the roof structure of peckham, and tomorrow I need to research in  korea


17 nov

I went  Peckham yesterday and felt the atmosphere of the place somewhere, but by chance I found a roof that was related to the shape of a tile in a Korean traditional building "Hanok". I really feel oriental when I see that roof, so I went inside yesterday. The houses in other places seemed like most of the houses in London, but I was impressed by the poisonous places, and after researching the traditional Korean house, Hanok, I researched the nationality of Korea alone. I studied tiger, hanok, hanji,  choseon Dynasty, the old paintings came out, and in order to do a cultural swap on Monday, I had to give my partner five images, so I associated the Korean features I found in Peckham. Moodle will have my own personality so tomorrow will have time to learn about me.

18 nov

Today I had time to think about myself. I usually know me well,  and I can express myself in a word. Even though I am a Korean, I like Tokyo and Japan so much. I am deeply enthusiastic about their thoughts,  culture, especially their fashion style and I feel like heaven when I go to Harajuku. In the wardrobe, pastel tones and black outfits are just like vintage dirty and unusual clothes, and the 12 o'clock breeze from Christmas Eve to Christmas gives me a refreshing feeling, and every time I'm in a bad mood, Listen to Carroll.i loves art more than anything. Therefore, I am often influenced by fine arts. (I see his works mostly portraits, which are a little scary because he painted face influenced by African cultural  i think it's great to express the background really well. It's always great to be able to express one's feelings in one brush because it is the feeling that I am in the time when I see the background or clothes of the picture.) And I love Demian Hurst and Tracy Emin Their characteristic is that they express themselves in one word and that the arts have their own life

19 nov


I am interested in vinatage sword  and skulls nowadays, also i wanted to make my own colors of design and art .

Today, I started to make my own idea notes, draw pictures and create scrapbooks to find my own art identity. Originally it was the style that  pursued avant-garde, so called jaqumuse or vetment st  like a round garment , i became  more and more shapes and strong designs. In order to develop, I need to understand the human body, so today I painted a skull figure,  also drawing  a nude .

20 nov

My partner is Spanish and heard a lot of information about her on the  way to peckham. she told me  mainly the story of Spanish politics and internal division, feminism, and her idea. When I heard that story, she was very interested in thought and knew a lot of things. I 've  never actually been  spain in  but in my stereotype in  Spanish they re  passionate . When I arrived the class ,she gave me 5 pictures chosen by her, it didn't included  the traditional Spanish photographs, but gave me the face of a film or a woman mainly. So, to be honest, when I first accepted it was a panic, but when I started with something feminist, because I was abstract, I thought that it created an atmosphere that would solve concretely.
i Got an advise  from katie cause she said to me  i received the most difficult theme and picture   We had a picture of peckham taken before  and the atmosphere

(box of boxes randomly stacked in it, red passionate accessories with red passionate accessories - if picasso is alive he will crush on Spanish actress 

Those who would become muses, of the passion fought together with a black tape to express the power of feminism, the power of feminism, the strength of feminism, the concept of this project is her hometown Like Madrid red, tough, focus randomly 



21 nov



After getting information about her nationality, characteristics, and her own  identity, this project is a 2d final, so i ll gonna trying to create something strong and in order to make that way I needed more research , and I should find  at the art side using the feminism.
Below are some words when sophie introduces Spain.

Lively colures - like orange pink red ..


pedro Almodovar (director )

Luis bundle


Photograph of women

Un pello andalua


Corpses in piano  (two men )


22 nov


Un pello andalua

- I watched a movie that she recommended to see me today,
after i saw it was a country with a unique film world view. Something like Spain was sad, yet calm but strong, and I felt that it was like my personality. I am an ironic person who pretends to be strong but inside  is full of water. So, the more I research about Spain, the more I find the keyword "strong". I thought about how to express it, I tried to engrave it while I was working on it, and I made a blank portrait by digging something out of paper.
I tried many different ways, but I want to appro ach 2d in a slightly different way. The "Han", fear and strength, and emotion in Korea, was also found in Spain. So I thought that it would be better to paint at all to express all this well.



23 nov

I decided on my color palette of black and red which showed peckham's strength, and it was also a good match for my partner's nationality. I tried to do a collage with my strong drawing and the mood of a Spanish that was feminine. My partner, sophie, gave me only a woman's face, and as I was researching them, Picasso became the most important key, the link.

I think peckham might have a mood because there are many different cultures. In the end, this project is a variety of threads that can not be solved because all things in the world are intertwined and we can make coexistence on the same earth.


 Fruit Machine Project


24 nov

I was randomly photographed with a picture of crows and a quote,
"If everyone wants a peace, then there'd be peace." But at first I did not understand what I meant. When I first received a crow, my feeling was ominous.
Because in Korea crows are animals that mean ominousness.
I started my research here, and after researching their colors, textures, and outlines from the appearance of crows flying, I studied drawing by using the height of birds, and then I learned about the crows in oriental and western  I realized that it was different.

It is true that the crows have different meanings according to people's perceptions and circumstances, and they have learned firsthand that they are stereotypical animals.


25 nov

Researching the crow, I saw an article about the funeral of a crow. They said that the crows  are the most intelligent and have seven-year intelligence in humans.
So, those who try to hurt themselves have been remembering for three years, and when they tried to harm their friends, they saw it as an animal that could bite and revenge. Also, if one of his flocks dies, he keeps his seat and sits there for a while until he dies. They were grouped and could be seen as righteous, and they were animals of great social significance.
I saw a pattern when birds were flying in groups, and it was very impressive to me, and I felt a sense of watercolor spreading in a net shape.

26 nov

I wondered if the perception of crows in the Orient is not universal.
However, in the old Chosun Dynasty and the old paintings of China's Qing Dynasty, the crow is depicted as an incredibly mysterious, divine, precious animal.
However, I started to look at the book about traditional painting about oriental  because I wondered how I changed the perception of it badly.
Now, until the Chosun dynasty, I put a raven on a long tree  believing that every village in Korea would chase the ghosts and demons called "Sotdae"

From the time of the war to the beginning of poverty, after all the corn eaten and thrown away, and the black crows eating corpses, our ancestors say that the crows have been living with the recognition that they are ominous, .

In China, crows are a sacred animal to this day. They eat worms when they are farming, and they say, "Three-legged crows," crows with three legs are smart animals, and to symbolize the sacredness of ravenous gods has been told to us to this day. It was impressive that people living in the same environment and situation were living with different perceptions.

27 nov

 In the day, I came up with something  like yarn that I could do at school.
So I carried the Christmas decorations, gold deco  various threads, and something transparent. Today, we had five groups of Joe, we decided to play the game randomly, (make dino )then we were going to play one by one, and we decided on the concept. On one side, there was a lot of random colorand kitchi, and one side was achromatic and arranged. To make another tactical style for knitting, after knowing that new material comes out when we tie the materials together, we tackled variously as much as possible, cut and reattached, paste and tried variously and our group members were very satisfied with the final. In fact, this knitting was not related to my project, so I came to the finals with a cute concept, and then I realized the charm of knit.

28 nov

Today was the day to go to Tate Modern. We went to see an exhibition of textures and textiles, and asked the professor to look carefully at the size of the pieces and the layers. Later, he told me the importance of giving presentations. So I went to Tate Modern and started to look at my works, but I made something new with materials that I can really see in everyday life. The most impressive thing was that the cloths that wrapped a lot of cotton balls were unidentified.

I learned that depending on the scale of the work, the feelings and mood of people can vary.

I went to Tate Modern and in the afternoon I printed at school. I painted the prints on the concept of sacred crow in the Orient. I think I'll have to show the concept of a crow more when I do something. I have to go home and try again.

29 nov

I 've  seen crows eating pigeons in front of the school and same with my experience in western  crows  eating corpses, and they felt it to me ominously. The ravens in the West are mainly because of the things I have experienced when a halloween day, sitting next to a grave, or as a witch and a raven set, as ominous .

If they had thought a little bit about the benefits of the crow, they would not have become a symbol of such an ominous image.

It is similar to John Lennon's quote I received at random.

If people had thought a little bit of peace as if they liked TV, we would have peace. People forget bad things and things that are bad for them, and bad perceptions are strong.

So even if I was a good person, what he had done in the past is now imprinted on me as a bad person if he is not good to me. I want to express this in one word.



30 nov

In the Orient, crows are sacred and mysterious, and they think it is a stereotype to solve them with oriental sanctity. For me, I wanted to be a mystery, but it was just a fluorescent pink. They are really pretty, but there is a mystery that they never match any color. So I took drawings and sketchbooks today to make a variety of mysterious feelings with these colors.

I want to show the duality of the mixed human being of something unclear, abstract, regular, clear and concrete.

Keywords: human twosidedness


1 dec

The two-sidedness of human beings is that both sides of the human being are deceptive or multi-personality-like in order to eliminate and hide negative tendencies without acknowledging all the tendencies inherent in human beings due to social atmosphere and coercion given by family members. . For example, human destructiveness is dangerous. Therefore, if the majority of education focuses on eliminating destructiveness, even if the education seems to have been successful, such education will further amplify human destructiveness ... Erich Fromm, a prominent social psychologist, says that human negative and positive tendencies are not separate but connected. {That is, human destruction and creativity are not separate, but connected.} Keywords: human double-sided
If human beings can not perform creative activities and are oppressed or forced to live a life, human destructiveness is amplified. Also, if you can not be loved or loved, it is as if humans fall into hatred or jealousy, This duality of human beings has a great relation with the soundness of the society in which humans belong. Especially in the Middle Ages, attempts to fit religious ideals into human beings have led to wicked, generous and just nobles and priests carrying out all kinds of ugly evils in the shadows.
In conclusion, human double-sidedness is deepened in an attempt to emphasize only human beauty and to reject ugliness. I think it is the same as when I am aiming for a perfect human being who does not look like an angel and does something like urinary incontinence or hemorrhoids. Human double-sidedness is a concept that good tendency and bad tendency exist in common for human being.


it is not a property that can be kept separatelyHuman double-sidedness is a characteristic of human beings that can understand human beings deeper.

It is a characteristic inherent to the human being who slaughtering utopia. You have to understand this double-sidedness to understand humans.



04 Dec

Today, I developed a two-week project .  based on previously  research, I got the theme with the crow and peace.Also i was found that there was a difference between Western and asian recognition of crows. . If the West is depicted as death, evil, or darkness, it can be seen from the old painting that the Orient is mainly depicted sacred animals, noble and powerful. On the other hand, in Korea, crows are regarded as ominous animals because they eat corpses and destroy grain,

so people change their perception of them badly.  I have learned about Oriental thought today and I think I need more developed research.


05 Dec

Today was the day of the tutorial, and it seemed that my sketchbook was low volume than the others that seem to people that  I couldn't access the project in depth. I learned from my last advice that my drawings were a bit cliche,so  I tried to used a lot of colors and tried to use more stuff.however , my sketchbook was almost filled with watercolour.
I expressed my perception of a mysterious crow in the oriental sketchbook. So today I learned how to develop a sketchbook with the things I research, and I felt I needed to move my hands faster.
And  I made three samples and get a critique from partner 

I wanted to express that I am colorful and mixed with something using the mysterious index fluorescent pink and the most modern and crowded black yarn. I received a critique, but the sample work is good, but I was advised that it would be okay if I focused a little more on the sketch book.


06 dec


People live in different contexts and perceptions created in a social context. In the end, all the definitions that we have created are extremely subjective and diverse. Crows are also such a thing. It is bad for someone, but it can be a very precious and mysterious existence for someone else. In John Lennon's words, "If everyone was interested in peace as long as they liked tvset, peace would have come to us" was also extremely subjective, So we are all in a state of blank, We'll have to look at the world in white, and what we're doing on the drawing paper is painting with white paint, so do not be a stupid person who does not see our world.


08 Dec

Today I need to supplement the research of the workflow for the tutorial - changes in Korean society
Sketchbook - fruit machine illustration

09 Dec


We only paint white on a white background. So I want to show the state of ignorance that is getting loose by connecting the red part to the white garment by zipper.

This time I want to use sewing machine to improve the quality during this vacation.


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